Image of SubLeague 2019 Podium

The Birth of BJJ2MMA

The birth of BJJ2MMA came on April 20th, 2019, when I competed in the Submission Grappling League AKA “SubLeague” tournament in Hillsboro, Oregon. After many hard rounds of grappling, my performance proved worthy of a medal and qualification for the championship. I headed to the winner’s podium with my fellow competitors and began to reflect upon the experience. I had defended all my competitors’ submission attacks, launched successful attacks of my own, and even choked a man unconscious with a triangle choke. I was so caught up in the whirlwind of competition, that the achievement did not fully dawn on me as I ascended the steps to receive my medal.

I noticed a group of people standing outside of the winner’s bull pen and assumed that it was the friends and family of other competitors. As I descended from the podium, I realized that they wanted to speak with me. It turned out a group was comprised of several spectators and competitors from other divisions who had seen my performance. They wanted to know where I trained, how long I have been training, and find out how I looked so calm after just choking a man completely unconscious. The answers to the first two questions came easily: Art of War – MMA and almost 3 years, but the last one proved elusive.

I thought back to the person I was before I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2016 and could not believe how far I had come since. Historically I was not in shape, was socially awkward with strangers, and let anxiety fool me into believing that I could never reach my goals. Okay… I was Steve Urkel personified. On this day however, I was near peak physical shape from my last fight camp, was comfortable talking with complete strangers, and felt unstoppable in any goal I set myself on a path toward. How did I make this transformation? I realized I did it by transitioning from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu AKA “BJJ” to Mixed Martial Arts AKA “MMA”. I finished talking with the group and then headed back to the stands with my teammate Sophie Lang to watch other matches.

Looking across the packed Liberty High School gymnasium, I saw people of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, but I saw one thing in common among all of us: no matter our individual stories, we all reached our goals through martial arts. While martial arts have been around for a bit, I felt there was something lacking in the approach to training in the modern era. A fire was lit under me. I wanted to share this with the rest of the world but found there were myriad roadblocks preventing people from even trying it in the first place, let alone training consistently or competing for that matter. In fact, I must confess that I asked my teammate to come with me in the hopes that seeing all the competitors would make her interested in competing, which she eventually did for both BJJ and MMA.  

Image of Sophie Lang after Subleague compeition
Sophie Lang after her first competition

That is the idea behind BJJ2MMA, LLC. BJJ2MMA is a modern approach to training for the 21st century martial artist. On our website you will find martial arts training videos, resources, apparel, comedy, photography/videography, and more. We cater to martial artists of all backgrounds and traditions, because no matter your goal, “we’ve got you covered for everything from BJJ to MMA.”

-Robin Williams, CEO