Whats next for Henry Cejudo?

Henry Cejudo, also known as Triple C and The King of Cringe, has had an interesting year in 2019, a […]

Carla Hoch book signing

GUEST POST: “Best” Martial Art For Self-defense?

I’ve read a gracious plenty posts on the what the best martial arts are for self-defense. And, yes, there are a few in particular that I suggest when I teach self-defense classes. Unfortunately, knowing how to defend yourself will not keep you from being attacked. And, that’s really what everyone wants. We want to never be in a situation where we have to defend ourselves against an assailant. Although no martial art can put a hedge of protection around us, some can lessen the likelihood of our being a picked out as a victim…

Image of SubLeague 2019 Podium

The Birth of BJJ2MMA

The birth of BJJ2MMA came on April 20th, 2019, when I competed in the Submission Grappling League AKA “SubLeague” tournament in Hillsboro, Oregon. After many hard rounds of grappling, my performance proved worthy of a medal and qualification for the championship. I headed to the winner’s podium with my fellow competitors and began to reflect upon the experience. I had defended all my competitors’ submission attacks, launched successful attacks of my own, and even choked a man unconscious with a triangle choke. I was so caught up in the whirlwind of competition, that the achievement did not fully dawn on me as I ascended the steps to receive my medal…