“Light Roll” Skit (4K)

We’ve all come back from injuries. We tell our training partners that we want to roll light, and inevitably this […]

Carla Hoch book signing

GUEST POST: “Best” Martial Art For Self-defense?

I’ve read a gracious plenty posts on the what the best martial arts are for self-defense. And, yes, there are a few in particular that I suggest when I teach self-defense classes. Unfortunately, knowing how to defend yourself will not keep you from being attacked. And, that’s really what everyone wants. We want to never be in a situation where we have to defend ourselves against an assailant. Although no martial art can put a hedge of protection around us, some can lessen the likelihood of our being a picked out as a victim…

Tyson Fury on the ground, Wilder walking away


          Ever since the judges decided to call Fury vs. Wilder a draw, everyone has waited with bated breath for […]